Emergency Plumbing Tulsa

LEE can help with any emergency, day or night.

Disasters rarely happen during business hours, and having Tulsa’s best plumbing company on standby can help mitigate the pain of an after-hours plumbing emergency. LEE is your one-stop shop for any emergency plumbing issues that may occur during the day or in the middle of the night. Our professional plumbers have over 75 years of experience in the industry, which means they have seen it all.

Tulsa Plumbing Services

24 Hour Emergency Plumbing

A leak in your home’s slab can cause damage to the foundation. A busted water pipe can need immediate attention. Because of these situations, LEE has 24/7 service for when disasters strike. Our scheduling team is available 24/7, and we will do everything we can to get our technicians to your home or business within 24 hours of your initial call.

Always Available

Our Tulsa dispatch team is ready 24/7 to answer your calls. A licensed plumber will call you to help with any immediate action needed such as shutting off your water.

Same-Day Service

We are almost always able to schedule your appointment within 24 hours of your call.

Speak With a Professional

No matter when you call, you can speak with one of Tulsa’s best plumbers in 30 minutes or less.

What is Considered a Plumbing Emergency?

A plumbing emergency is anything that’s more severe than normal. 

A tiny little drip from the faucet isn’t necessarily an emergency (though you don’t want to put it off for too long, or your water bill will be high). 

A damaged/leaking pipe, however, should be taken care of immediately. The last thing you want is a flooded kitchen or moisture introduced to your subflooring that can cause foundational rot. 

Gas leaks are also a high priority plumbing emergency, so be vigilant around your hot water tank.

Other plumbing emergencies that you should call us for include overflowing toilets, burst pipes (common after a freeze), sump pump failure, broken water heaters, clogged sewer lines, and washing machine hose leaks.

In Case of Emergency, Call LEE

LEE can help with any emergency, day or night. Whether it’s installation, service, or repair, we do everything we can to help solve Tulsa’s plumbing issues. Call or text us at (918) 300-0404.

Best Emergency Plumbing Services
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Staying on top of regular maintenance can extend the life of your hot water tank and end up saving you money in the long run.

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Tulsa Plumbing Services


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